How to get here


Belvedere Farmhouse
Via Onofrio di Paolo
38 – Castelfiorentino (FIRENZE)

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 43.658180, 10.959166

Don’t use normal sat navs as they don’t take you to the house, please use Google Maps


By Air

The closest major airports are Pisa (preferred by guests) or Florence. 

By Train

The closest train station is Empoli, which is 10 min drive to Belvedere Farmhouse. Its well served well from Florence or Pisa stations.

Driving from Pisa or Florence

The easiest way to get to Belvedere is to drive on the Pisa – Florence dual carriage way (signposted blue as “FI-PI-LI SGC”). Regardless if you are arriving from Florence or Pisa airport, this is the fastest road. 

Head towards Empoli which is about 30-40 min from either of the two cities. You’ll need to exit at Empoli Ovest.

Once there, follow the instructions below; it is 8km and about 10-20 min drive to Belvedere from this point. 

Step-by-step instructions from Empoli Ovest:

  1. Exit at ‘Empoli Ovest’  - please note that if you are coming from Florence, there are two further exits (Empoli Est & Empoli Centro) but please do not get out at these. 
  2. Once on the slip road, turn right at the roundabout (first exit).
  3. At the T junction turn left (300-400 meters) .
  4. At this point you’ll need to drive straight on for 10 min towards Fontanella. After the first traffic light you’ll have pine trees on either side of the road - keep following the main road. 
  5. After 10 min you’ll come across some railway track, keep going straight.
  6. As you approach the next town, there is a traffic light - go straight through this (it has a tendency to stay red for a long time).
  7. You’ll reach another set of houses/town after 3-400 meters and another traffic light. At this light, turn left. You are on the right track if it’s a steep road with a church in front of you after 300-400m meters.
  8. At the church, turn right.
  9. At the T junction, turn left and follow the windy road for 700-800 meters (1-2 min).
  10. You’ll get to a turn bearing left with a dirt road on the right (it has a white signpost ‘Az. Agricola PUGLIANO’). Take the dirt road on the right.
  11. Follow the road for 700-800 meters. You’ll see a large house on the right, and the road continues on a sharp left. Continue following the road.
  12. After a couple hundred meters, you’ll see the road veering to the left with an entrance on the right (two cypress trees & a US mail box with the Belvedere logo on it). Take this entrance which will take you to Belvedere’s gates - you have arrived! 

From Empoli Ovest to the house should not take more than 20 minutes.